St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

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Uniform Information

At SMC we believe it is important that the children learn to take pride in their appearance and come to school in the correct uniform at all times and with the correct equipment for learning. Please, ensure that the children are wearing correct uniform, all items of which should be clearly labelled with your child’s name. If clothes are named we can usually reunite them with their owner. Searching for unnamed clothes causes a great deal of distress to the children and can waste valuable class time. Unclaimed items are recycled or disposed of at the end of each term. 


Please note that children should come to school with their own stationery equipment.  This is to include the following at all times:

A small pencil case (these need to fit into childrens' trays).

pencils/ or handwriting pens (not biros)

a sharpener

a rubber

coloured pencils

a whiteboard pen

glue stick


Please ensure all items are labelled.


Year 6 children would also benefit from having a protractor and compass.

Liquid paper/ correction fluids or similar are not to be used.


All children should also have a named water bottle to be cleaned and filled at home and brought into school each day.