St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

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Year R enjoying their new self-construction trail that helps them with their balance and gross motor control.

Friday night joy at chess club. The 16 members were playing their league matches this evening.

Our Year 5/6 Hockey Team had great fun at the Hockey Festival, despite the rain! Well done everyone!

Years 5 / 6 Athletics Final - 2nd place - well done Team SMC!

CAFOD Food Bank Donations - what a wonderful response to our Harvest Appeal

Oakwood Day 3


Another amazing day. The theme of today was ‘adventure’

Our activities included: Jacob’sLadder, Mountain Boarding, Zigzag Logs & Orienteering. 
our prize winners were:

Korede - approached the day full of adventure with a smile;

Emilia - great spirit of adventure, gave everything a go and supportive of all team mates;

Dylan & Eddie - for challenging themselves. 


Day 3

Oakwood Day 2


What a busy day we’ve had today. 
The theme today was ‘Encouragement & Courage’ and our instructors watched all of the groups to see displayed these throughout the activities.  Our activities today were: High Ropes, Team Building, Crate Stacking and Leap of Faith.

The following children won the prizes today:

Josie - encouraging others and conquering her fears;

Genny - for her quiet encouragement of others and challenging herself;

Caitlin - for setting herself a target, which she exceeded, and for encouraging everyone.


Final day tomorrow so please check back for the final set of photos!

Day 2

Oakwood Day 1 17.07.23


We arrived this morning at 9am and activities started at 9.30. All three groups had the opportunity to try the  indoor climbing walls, the outdoor low ropes, archery and bushcraft.
At the end of the activities, the instructors chose one person from each group to receive a prize for displaying great team work. The following children won the prizes today:
Alex - for helping and encouraging others

Nisa - for being a good leader and for smiling all day

Maria - for quiet determination

Then in the evening after dinner we had some free time before bed.


Children’s voice


Zara - this has been the most fun day of the year

Caitlin - it was a fun and challenging day that we got to spend with friends

Zuzanna - we had to work together as a team in all the activities…this was fun but we kept falling off the low ropes but didn’t give up.


Check back tomorrow for another update!


Year 6


Year 6 Residential Day 1

Harvest Appeal


This year we were mindful of the impact of food poverty on our local community.  We therefore decided to collect food for our local Foodbank.

We would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our amazing families for their  generosity during this time.



Mrs Ridguard 

Assistant Headteacher & RE LeadFoodbank

Water Aid

I am so proud of our school community, led by year 6, who did such an amazing job in supporting Water Aid, for our Catholic Social Teaching focus. The whole school formed a massive pupil pipeline to illustrate the challenges faced by those who do not have immediate access to clean drinking water, including 1 in 3 schools who do not have access to clean drinking water and toilets. The SMC pipeline transported 10 litres of water, by hand and bucket to bucket, to replicate the reality faced by many school children (usually girls) who have to miss school to support their families and fetch and carry water, often over great distances. It was a wonderful learning opportunity for all and it was fantastic to see children beginning to understand the hardship and challenges faced by other children across the world and to recognise the importance of helping those who are less fortunate than us. In total 4.75 litres remained at the end of the challenge, again another learning opportunity to see how demoralising it can be, after all of the hard work, that through evaporation and spillages, far less remained than that initially gathered. In total £260.91 was raised by pupils across the school for Water Aid. Thanks to all of you in the school community who donated and well done to the children on completing their Water Aid pupil pipeline challenge!

Mrs A de Grande

Assistant Headteacher

Jubilee Bunting!

Panathlon County Champions!

World Book Day

Our School Promotional Video

Welcome to our school video, this will give you just a little taster of some of the wonderful things that happen at St Margaret Clitherow School. Our fantastic Reception teacher guides us through the Early Years environment, setting and fun activities they do.

National Sports Week and Sports Day

KS1 Nativity 2020

A socially distanced Nativity by our wonderful Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class. We all wish you a very peaceful, relaxing and Merry Christmas!

The 3 Kings, Year 5

Year 5 tell us the story of the 3 Kings from the Nativity

The Shepherds, Year 3

Year 3 present the story of the Shepherds from the Nativity story

The Journey, Year 6

Year 6 tell the story of Mary and Joseph' journey

The Annunciation, Year 4

Year 4 tell the story of the Annunciation from the Nativity

SMC staff 'Reach'

A little message to the children from our staff during lockdown!

Monday 8th June Assembly

Here Mr Newling-Ward talks about our worries, and how we can let God support us with them.

Monday 15th June Assembly

Join Mrs Jones as she talks about worries, what we can do with them and who we can share them with.

Assembly Monday 6th July

Here Mr Newling-Ward talks about how we are able to spread things around us, how we can support each other and how to make others happy.