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Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero


Archbishop Oscar Romero is a 20th century martyr of the Church. He was the archbishop of San Salvador in Central America. On 24 March 1980, in the chapel of the cancer hospital where he lived, he was shot dead at the altar by a death squad marksman as he was about to offer the bread and wine in the middle of Mass. He was canonised (recognised as a saint) on 14 October 2018 by Pope Francis in Rome, having been beatified on 23 May 2015.

Romero Award


This award is in recognition of the work that schools do to live out their Mission and to promote Catholic Social Teaching (CST) in all aspects of school life.  Schools must demonstrate that they promote CST through the following three strands:

Strategic Strand - through strategic planning and policies;

Curriculum Strand - including CST in the development of the curriculum;

Practical Strand - the practical choices they make to support the principles of CST


For more information on the work of Oscar Romero and the award, please click on the link below.

St. Margaret Clitherow was awarded the Participator Level Award in September 2023 in recognition of our commitment to Catholic Social Teaching. 

The following comments were made about our application.


Strategic Strand:  In the Strategic strand the school has in place policies aimed at challenging injustice implicit in the Behaviour Policy, Pupil Premium Strategy and Equality Information and Objectives Statement. The Pupil Premium Strategy demonstrates your commitment to working to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils including academic performance as well as mental well being through engagement in extra curricular activities and increased attendance. It is encouraging that Year 5 and 6 pupils are given opportunities to plan and lead acts of worship.


Curriculum Strand:  The overviews in the curriculum strand were very useful and indicate that a number of subject areas are contributing to CST including RE; English looking at texts which support themes such as Migration through books/poetry including Windrush Child and The Arrival as well as The Last Bear which considers climate change; Geography looking at Fairtade; Science; Music considering different styles of music such as the Blues. It is encouraging that in History black and ethnic minority history is being developed to reflect the diverse nature of the school and is not restricted just to Black History Month. The photographs and reflections from the International Day celebrations were inspiring. The work on ethical clothing in DT is also to be commended. 


Practical Strand: It is clear from the summary statement in the Practical strand that the school is engaged in a range of fund raising initiatives locally through the Foodbank and Share project and internationally through Cafod. Fund raising for Ukraine has also featured. It is very encouraging that pupils also have a 'voice' through the School Council and are taking greater ownership of initiatives and charitable works. They are developing their ideas particularly in the area of recycling, using refillable glue sticks and the Progress Chart demonstrates other projects which are moving forward.


The children are committed to continuing to carry out all aspects of CST and we look forward to applying for the Developer Level Award in the coming years.