St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

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School Dinners

SMC kitchen staff prepare and cook all of our meals, from scratch, on-site. All menus provide a nutritionally balanced healthy meal. These are set meals including a main meal, a vegetarian option and a filled jacket potato (range of fillings) in addition to a range of sandwich options.  There are also a range of dessert options every day including fresh fruit, yoghurts and cheese and biscuits.


All children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal. (Please see the note below regarding FSM to see whether you may qualify for and make an additional claim to enable to school to receive vital additional funds).


Meals may be booked online, via ScoPay, or in class, although it is extremely helpful to the kitchen when meals are booked in advance, online, to assess the demand for certain meals and make purchasing decisions.


A school meal is £2.60 and should be paid in advance, online via ScoPay.  


Please ensure there is credit on your child’s account before ordering meals. We are unable to extend credit for any school dinners. Should dinner money become outstanding for payment, you will be requested to provide packed lunches for your child. To avoid mutual embarrassment, please do not let this situation arise.


Free School Meals

You can now check online if you are entitled to Free School Meals and make an application. If you think you may qualify for Free School Meals please go to The school is able to access additional funding if you are successful in your application. Please check your entitlement even if you are taking advantage of the government’s free Key Stage 1 meal provision. If you have any questions, please do ask at the school office.