St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School

We act with love, build our faith and grow as people


At St Margaret Clitherow we follow the Portsmouth Diocese 'God Matters' scheme to provide the basis of our RE teaching. Lessons are engaging, creative and thought provoking to allow our children the opportunity to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and develop their own relationship with Jesus.


The themes link to the Liturgical calendar and follow a yearly cycle. its themes are evident throughout the school; in the school’s entrance area, the classrooms, the school hall and in pupils’ books.


We recognise that children come from a range of Faith backgrounds and the curriculum is differentiated according to prior knowledge and  ability. Multi-faith learning takes place around significant festivals and celebrations during the year.


Prayer is an important part of our daily routine. Children come together for liturgies and assemblies. The children also participate in hymn practice singing the Word of the Lord. Daily prayers are said collectively and the opportunity for spontaneous prayer is encouraged in classes.  We also have Liturgical Leaders from Year 3-6 who support and lead class liturgical prayers throughout the week.


At St Margaret Clitherow we recognise the importance of Catholic Social Teaching and how to put our Faith into Action. Throughout the year money is raised for various charities including Cafod.  At Harvest Festival we support the foodbank, at Christmas, we support the children's ward at Frimley Park Hospital, and collections are made for the night shelter. Throughout the year money is raised for various charities including Cafod.


Children leave St Margaret Clitherow confident in their understanding of their faith and comfortable in their understanding of other faiths. For pupils from a strong faith background, it is a chance for their faith to grow and deepen, for some, it will be a chance to develop some knowledge of their faith and for others, it will be the first opportunity they will have had to hear the Gospel message.

Section 48 Inspection

The inspection of a school under Section 48 (S48) of the 2005 Education Act, provides an independent external evaluation of its effectiveness as a provider of Catholic education and a diagnosis of what it should do to improve, based upon a range of evidence. S48 Inspection, therefore, complements Ofsted Inspections, but should be seen as dealing with matters fundamental to the Catholic school which are not inspected by Ofsted.

The Portsmouth Diocesan Framework for the S48 is a Self-Review and Evaluation of Catholic Education. This framework is designed to assist schools in the process of reviewing the Catholic education which they provide, evaluating its content and planning its future development. It enables schools to systematically assess the nature of their Catholic identity and how effectively their pupils benefit from the curriculum and Catholic character of the school. The Catholic school offers an education which is religious in both its context and content. There is no area of its life or curriculum which is not relevant to its Catholic character. However, because many aspects of school life are subject to review processes by such bodies as Ofsted and ISIS, the Self-Review and Evaluation of Catholic Education focuses on the following key aspects:

  • The school as a Catholic community
  • Curriculum religious education
  • Pupils’ spiritual and moral development